Why a professional?

Firstly, it should be remembered that the work of an estate agent – visits, evaluations, distribution of information, structured advice – is not generally remunerated.

Only an estate agent that has concluded a contract receives payment.
It is therefore normal that the fees reflect all the work carried out in this profession in order to achieve the successful conclusion to a project.

When the time comes, it is therefore only fair to confide your project to the professional you originally consulted so they can take pleasure in giving satisfaction to their clients of which surely you are one.

The Estate agent is a nearby professional who:

They are a neutral intermediary who watches out for interests of all concerned. They enable:

When the situation concerns sales of goods they offer security relative to:

The estate agent knows that:

But did you know that?

Do yourself a favour and use professional services
better to be safe

How to choose a professional:
  • Amongst the selected ‘possibles’:
  • You are now able, without a doubt, to choose the one that is in harmony with your feelings. Travaux immobilier paris 17 eme, 16 eme, 8 eme, Neuilly, Levallois - Gestion Immobilier Paris 17