You are a co-owner and wish to rent your property with a reliable profit and transparent management.

belimmo offers you more than an efficient management of your properties due to their knowledge and ownership management policies.
belimmo helps with the management of expenses and the upkeep of your assets.

belimmo knows how to ensure a consistent service quality whatever the value of the properties.
It is through this close attention and competence that belimmo has become a Major Player in Real Estate.

belimmo dedicates a manager to you, your own representative. Representing you alone, they are dedicated to carefully keeping track of affairs in a highly organised manner. Close to you and always ready to listen to your requirements, they are supported by a team of specialists working in specific sectors such as administration, legal aspects, accountancy and technical aspects so enabling the management optimisation of your properties.

For the management of your co-ownership collectives, belimmo offers you:

1- Your unique representative, always available, attentive and concerned.

2- A team of professionals managing unique aspects such as
    administration, legal, technical or other.

3- A monitoring and control of all affairs to ensure fair and controlled payments
    so respecting the value of your property.

Conditions available upon request.

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